zaterdag 25 augustus 2012

the full moon ant

and the king said to the people of his land:
we will devote ourselves now to the cheesy moon
because its shiny body will be eaten soon
by this ferocious terrorist: the full moon ant!

the people said: and why do you such message send?
for he who talks such nonsense is a stupid loon
a bratwurst useless dummy or a daft baboon!
they shrugged their shoulders laughed aloud and home they went

the king exclaimed: what can i do with such a people?
wish somebody ’d hang them on the highest steeple
but the moon ant chewed and ate its belly full
and said: oh man oh man this is extremely cool!

Copyright Bertus Pieters 2012

3 opmerkingen:

Sean Jeating zei

ha ha ha ...
S/he who nibbles the moon away.

Herewith the copyright is preponed to 2010. :)

VLR zei

You are right, but i made some improvements as to rythm and content :)

Sean Jeating zei

Ha, now you mentioned it.